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Training methodology

The Migrant Integration Academy will be based on the research component of the EU-MIA project and will be applied using the 'Turin Learning Approach".

The 'Turin Learning Approach' is a blended training approach, developed at ITC-ILO, which takes place in three consecutive phases:

Phase I: Pre-course information on the Internet, which will be from 20 January to 2 February 2014.

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During this initial on-line phase all relevant practical and organisational information about the activity is shared with participants. A pre-course survey is carried out to assess the specific learning needs and preferences which will be integrated in the face-to-face phase. Through online modules participants are introduced to the thematic focus of the learning activity. this will include focusing on the ten Functioning Practices of the EU-MIA project as a pre-course assignment.  Logistical and practical information for the stay in Turin will be provided to facilitate preparations.



Phase II: Face-to-Face workshop, two week course in Turin from 3 to 7 February 2014.

During the course an action-oriented, highly participative approach will be used with particular attention to sharing international experience with a view to adaptation and practical application. Training methods will combine lectures and discussions, case studies, open space discussions, group work and individual exercises. The design of the face-to-face activity will take into account the outcome of the pre-course survey and the ten selected cases. During the activity new technical expertise will be uploaded on the face-to-face section of the activity platform (presentations, documents, pictures).


Phase III: Post-Training on the Internet-based learning platform, following the face to face course.

The third phase offers the opportunity to participants to upload their action plans and discuss their follow-up actions. Experience shows that most questions regarding application and implementation of learning components arise three to six months after the learning activity itself. This online platform facilitates further cooperation and participants are invited to post questions and engage in online discussion with the network of fellow participants, experts and ITC staff.
In appropriate distance to the face-to-face phase, an impact evaluation will be carried out to assess the concrete application of learning. New resources, expertise and knowledge about the topic of the activity are regularly linked to the platform.

This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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