Xarxa BCN Anti-Rumors (Network against “rumours”)

City: Barcelona (Spain)
Territorial scope: City
Targets: Whole population
Policy sector: Anti-discrimination/Communication
Implementing organization: Barcelona City Council
Objectives: Maintaining social cohesion and fostering intercultural interaction and relations in the city. This is to be achieved by dispelling existing rumours, stereotypes and prejudice concerning cultural diversity in Barcelona, preventing the spread of rumours and stereotypes, prejudice and discriminatory practices, fostering positive interaction between people of different ethnic origins.
Activities: The first part of the project identified the main stereotypes and prejudices that were circulating in Barcelona. These included five themes: a) the arrival of new migrants, b) abuse of social and health care services, c) failing to declaring income or paying taxes, d) anti-social behaviour in public spaces e) and taking jobs from locals. Next, they equipped the ‘anti-rumour agent’ with accurate information about migrants and techniques for addressing misconceptions with nimble situation-based action at work, home or in the street.
Contact: interculturalitat@bcn.cat
Websites: www.bcn.cat/plainterculturalitat , www.bcn.cat/antirumors




Infosheet in Spanish

Full Research Report

Full Research Report in Spanish

This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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