Spotello per l’assistenza familiare (Family Assistance Desk)

City: Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Territorial scope: City
Targets: Whole population
Policy sector: Employment, Active citizenship
Implementing organization: RETE - Reggio Emilia Terza Eta A.S.P.
Main Partners: Distretto socio sanitario di Reggio Emilia, Centro di Solidarietà di Reggio Emilia ONLUS, Centro di Ascolto Caritas di Albinea, Azienda Pubblica dei Servizi alla Persona Opus Civium
Objectives: The object of the project is fight of irregular work by migrant women in the care sector, coordination between home care and care services, integration between public and non-profit sectors and management of care work as a community service.
Activities: The project matches care demand and supply on the market though brokerage and counselling activities, registers of qualified care workers, etc. The project includes the active involvement of neighbourhood actors in the area of care, such as pharmacies, trade unions, parish churches, social services, and others. Lastly, the project involves training and tutoring of migrants to fit into the family and the local community. They are taught how to navigate the network of services and opportunities and are informed of their rights as foreign workers. Their work is inserted into the network of public care services for the elderly and sick and they receive legal protection and have opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with each other and the families with which they work.



Infosheet in Italian


Full Research Report

Full Research Report in Italian

This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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