Programa Mujer, Salud y Violencia (Women’s Health in Women’s Hands)

City: Bilbao (Spain, Basque Country)
Territorial scope: City
Targets: Migrant women
Policy sector: Health
Implementing organization: Bilbao’s Office of Equality, Cooperation and Citizenship
Objectives: Promotes sexual and reproductive health among immigrant women, including prevention related to gender-based violence and issues related to cultural and sexual identity. The “Women’s Health in Women’s Hands” program also aims to empower individual women to participate and become leaders in their own communities.
Activities: 1) Training of women as “community Agents For Empowerment” 2) specific workshops for the local stakeholders for spread information and raise awareness on women’s health 3) Pilot experience on FGM (Feminine Genital Mutilation) by learning from African mothers coming from the countries where this gender violence practice is still in use. 4) Production and distribution of the “Guide For Women” translated into 8 languages.




Infosheet in Spanish

Full Research Report

Full Research Report in Spanish



This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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