Demokrati För Barns Framtid (Democracy for Children's Future)

City: Visby (Sweden)
Territorial scope: City
Targets: Migrant children, Recent arrivals
Policy sector: Sports, Education
Implementing organization: Democracy for Children's Future, a grassroots organisation in Gotland
Objectives: Integrating youths mainly from migrant backgrounds – by offering them a possibility to discover and test different sports and to learn the principles of their new society while interacting with its members through sports.
Activities: Migrant and Swedish kids take part in the sports activities of their choice, while helping the children to discover and try different sports. The coach – who is himself a refugee from Burundi, and who was previously involved in human-rights movement in his country – teaches the kids about children's rights and democratic principles. He also organises camps (or summer farms) for migrant and Swedish children. Participating children's progress in sports is visible as soon as they attend their trainings regularly; their understanding of the functions and principles of their 'new' society is improving and they become more open in their communication/interactions with other members of Swedish society.




Full Research Report

This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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