Dansk Simulator (Danish Simulator)

City: Vejle (Denmark)
Territorial scope: City
Targets: Migrants, Recent arrivals
Policy sector: Education
Implementing organization: VIFIN
Main Partners: Vejle Kommune, language centres
Objectives: With language training for immigrants and one of the cornerstones of Danish integration policy since 2001, the aim of the Dansk Simulator (Danish simulator) is to introduce a computer-based platform for Danish learning that enables students on an individualised basis and, as an added benefit, ensures a more effective use of economic resources allocated for language training.
Activities: The platform is an online 3D virtual language and culture learning tool using Automatic Speech Recognition and conversational artificial intelligence. The platform is launched in cooperation with language centres, allowing for a combination of class-based and individual learning.
Website: www.dansksimulatoren.dk/




Full Research Report

This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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