Coprod Migrants CNCE – Conseil Nantais pour la Citoyenneté des Etrangers (Council for the Citizenship of Foreigners)

Rue de Verdun. July 2013.
City: Nantes (France)
Territorial scope: City
Targets: Migrants
Policy sector: Active citizenship
Implementing organization: Mission Egalité Intégration Citoyenneté de la Mairie de Nantes (Mission Equality Integration Citizenship of the Municipality of Nantes)
Objectives: To optimize the reception of migrants, ensure their access to civil rights, their citizenship of the city of Nantes, and fight against discrimination.
Activities: The city facilitates engagement from migrant communities in its policy-making processes and removes barriers to participation. A ‘volontarist’ policy was developed to welcome and integrate migrants coming to Nantes. The «Mission Egalité Intégration Citoyenneté» is integrated into Nantes’ public policy, with regards to foreigners. Coprod Migrants CNCE is the centre of the Coprod Migrants project. In 2004, the community of Nantes created an authority of foreigners' participation called the CNCE (Nantes Council for the Citizenship of Foreigners). The main objective of this authority is to lead the city to build a welcome and integration's public policy through the active involvement of foreigners themselves.




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Full Research Report

Full Research Report in French

This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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