Case del quartiere (Neighbourhood Houses)

Cascina Roccafranca Torino
City: Turin (Italy)
Territorial scope: City
Targets: Whole population
Policy sector: Community building/Local development/Neighbourhood-based policies
Implementing organization: Municipality of Torino
Main Partners: Compagnia di San Paolo
Objectives: Network of neighbourhood cultural centres which are both a public answer to a need, in those neighbourhoods, of aggregation, inclusion and socio-cultural promotion and an interesting lab/incubator for community welfare.
Activities: The neighbourhood cultural centres welcome and receive persons of all age, origin and social conditions. Each centre stimulates situations of aggregation and gathering, offers educative and cultural services and activities, promotes public services, and encourages participation to cultural events. The centres are facilitators that allow people, ideas and projects to meet, stimulating active citizenship and new projects. These experiences create new tools of community welfare, practices that encourage self-responsibility of citizens around informal networks including family, friends, neighbours, self-help groups and volunteers. The network creates a collective approach to this fragmented, territorial phenomenon.




Infosheet in Italian

Full Research Report

Full Research Report in Italian

This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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