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The Academy

European Migrant Integration Academy took place 3 - 7 February in Turin, Italy.

The training academy took place within the context of a project that has been structured in three phases:

  1. Background research to create a repertoire of promising practices in the field of integration at local level,
  2. Field missions in cities where a total of ten selected functioning practices have been analysed in depth, and
  3. The development of a cooperative learning kit to be delivered in a structured training activity which targets and directly involves public officials and local stakeholders.

The training academy was thus the final phase of the project and was successful in improving the capacity of key actors in the field of integration at city and neighbourhood levels. The presentation of the ten functioning practices and the sharing of knowledge and experience among practitioners and experts proved invaluable.

The ten functioning practices are listed [here].

To view the agenda, please [click here].

To view the course flyer, please [click here].



Evaluation of the Academy

A comprehensive evaluation was carried out at the end of the course. Based on detailed feedback that was sent by the course participants to the ITC-ILO evaluation unit, the main findings of the evaluation have been published below.

‘Word cloud’ illustrations (based on the most commonly-used words in participants' evaluation responses) and a bar chart, below, illustrate the principal findings in a visually friendly manner.

This word cloud illustrates participants’ feelings regarding their overall impression of the EU-MIA academy:

wordcloud_overall impression.bmp

This word cloud illustrates what participants considered to be the aspects of EU-MIA academy that they found the most useful:

Most useful aspects

The bar graph below shows the score that participants assigned to various aspects of the academy. Participants were asked to grade their score on a scale of 0 to 5. The graph illustrates the percentage of scores per category which were ranked 4 and 5.

As one can see, the course aspects with the highest scores were: ‘Group working relations’ (94%), ‘Secretariat’ (93%) and ‘Relevance to your organization’s needs’ (78%). Overall, 92% of the participants ranked the academy with a score of either 4 or 5.

Percentage scored 4 & 5 by category

This project is implemented with financial support from the European Union.



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